To say we’re over the moon with the response we’ve had from our presence at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair this past September, is a massive understatement.

Still buzzing from the event, just yesterday I received the news that our products were chosen as a favourite “top pick” from the exhibition by the deputy editor of the Speciality Food Magazine, Holly Shackleton! The magazine is a trade title written exclusively for fine food retailers, with news, reviews about from the food and drink industry.

We’re so happy for our products to be recognised, considering there were around 750 exhibitors at the show and especially by a publication and a writer of such influence in the UK’s foodie industry.  Here’s what Holly had to say:

DEPUTY EDITOR’S PICKS – Holly Shackleton, deputy editor of Speciality Food welcomes a new generation

“Don Gaucho Dulce de Leche: I didn’t think that anything could knock salted caramel off its high perch in my culinary heart, but this unctuous, decadent but not too- sweet sauce may just have managed it. Not only is it spoonable from a jar, but it’s pretty versatile too – delicious as a pancake, ice cream, fruit, dessert and toasttopper, it ticks a lot of boxes for consumers looking for a multipurpose and easy-to-use sweet treat. Retailers would do well to position it on shelves alongside both their dessert and home baking ranges, as well as tell its unique story. Dulce de leche has long been a staple of my larder, and I feel very happy to say that Don Gaucho’s version will take the place of my former favourite. A truly authentic Argentinian product, this traditional milk caramel is partnered in Don Gaucho’s range by a unique pair of Chimichurri sauces and a great Malbec red wine – add a barbecued steak and you’re sorted.”

Big thanks to everyone at the show, and Holly and the team at the Speciality Food Magazine. If you’d like to download a free copy of this month’s Specialty Food Magazine (October 2015), get it here. We’re on page 17!