1 minute? If you think this is a joke, it’s not. Banoffee is a very serious matter. If you’ve ever made a Banoffee Pie from scratch – this must sound like a made up story…

Well, I’m happy to say I’ve discovered the holy grail for instant gratification and satisfaction of my persistent sweet tooth. These little beauties take less then a minute to make, are insanely decadent and delicious that you’ll think you’ve eaten a whole cake (especially if you cram the whole thing in your mouth at once), but are only 75 calories per profiterole. I bought the big ones which are conveniently cut through the middle with cream already inside (have you realised how lazy this recipe is yet), they’re called “Lionesas” here in Spain, and are are approx 20g each.



OK, so here goes. It’s so easy it’s not really even a recipe, and I didn’t make any of it myself, it’s more of an instruction of how to assemble the ingredients you are about to devour and forever thank me for showing you.

1) Buy a pack of store profiteroles, you can usually find them in the freezer section, or buy them fresh from a bakery (you could even go wild and do this with a chocolate Eclaire).  If yours come with chocolate on top – even better. Get the ones that are already filled with whipped cream if you can, otherwise buy a can of squirty cream (nowhere near as good as the real deal, but we’re going for the lazy and fast route to deliciousness here so don’t judge me).


2) Take the lid off the profiterole or cut it in half depending on how yours came from the shop, and eat half of the cream inside if its a real mouthful.

3) Dollop on a teaspoon of Don Gaucho Dulce de Leche. No other will do, it just won’t, don’t try it.


4) Lick the spoon.

5) Stop pulling that face.

6) Slice up a ripe banana and add one slice on top of the Dulce de Leche. If your profiteroles didn’t come with cream already inside, add a squirt of cream next.


7) Put the lid back on the profiterole.

8) Try and fit it all in your mouth at once! OMG!! I ate four in a row and let insert the disclaimer here, that is too much. Actually I ate five, I had a plain one before I did any recipeing.

To die for! 🙂

You can make pretty much anything into Banoffee by just adding Don Gaucho Dulce de Leche and banana…it’s that easy.


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